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Contact LEPC / CEMA 912.201.4500 912.201.4504 

Benefits of Joining the LEPC

  • Community Right to Know: Learning about what chemicals or hazards may exist at neighboring facilities
  • Participating in community disaster and evacuation planning and preparedness activities such as exercises and drills
  • Providing input for modifications to county response plans and procedures
  • Networking with other industry representatives for information sharing and other community aid opportunities
  • Networking with community response agency representatives, news agency representatives and government officials
  • Having a current list of resource contacts
  • Learning about local community response agencies, their functions, capabilities and ability to respond to specific industry or neighborhood emergencies
  • Company representatives serve as a link between your community, employees, other industries and government in emergency planning and preparedness
  • Community educational and training opportunities provided by the LEPC, e.g.Hurricane Expo
  • Assistance with company sponsored educational and training opportunities
  • Emergency response agency walk throughs and/or drills in your facility for emergency planning and response improvement
  • Staying abreast of current and emerging regulations

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